Pelican 8060 LED Flashlight

Pelican 8060 LED Flashlight

Pelican 9410 LED Flashlight - Lantern


Pelican 9410 LED Rechargeable Flashlight - Lantern.

At just 3 pounds and 710 lumens, the new Pelican 9410 LED Lantern packs the power without the weight. Four LEDs, powered by the latest generation NiMH batteries illuminate a distance of 450 yards (411.5 meters). And it's loaded with innovative technology and features you have come to expect from Pelican. The 9410 Pelican LED offers 3 illumination modes (high, low and strobe) with a water-resistant electronic switch that toggles between modes at the push of a button. The switch also features an integrated battery level indicator that illuminates when the light is on - green (more than 75%) - amber (between 75% and 25%) - red (25% and lower). Designed to stand on end, the flashlight array can be rotated 120 degrees transforming it into an area work light. Extra large grip handle for working with gloves. 

Available Colors:
Yellow or Black

Pelican 9410 LED Specifications:

Tested Lumen 
Tested Lux Value
(@ 1 meter)
LED 300.0 (Low)
710.0 (High)
32.4K @ 1 M
Batteries Battery 
Burn Time
Battery Pack/
Charging Time
4 D NiMH 
4.75 hrs. (Low)
1.75 hrs. (High)
NiMH Battery Pack
5 Hours
Watts Voltage  

Length Weight w/Batteries Weight w/o Batteries
(22.2 cm)
49.28 oz.
(1.4 kg)


• 120° rotating head
• Burn time: 4.75 hrs. (low)/1.75 hrs. (high)
• Battery status indicator

• 3 mode switch (High, Low, Flashing)

Whether you're on a USAR team or the 3rd shift at a refinery, you'll appreciate the compact size and high output of the new 9410 LED Lantern.

Approved to NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) 1901